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Brief About NCC

To direct all people to God, the Creator of the Universe,through Jesus Christ the Saviour of the world irrespective of religious and cultural backgrounds.

Core Values

Integrity, Accountability, Humility, Unity, Teamwork and Brotherly Love.


Nairobi and Kajiado stations together with the environs



To execute the Great Commission of Mathew 28:19-20 following the wisdom
contained in the Three Angels Messages of Revelations 14:6-12, giving
special emphasis on the present truth as found in the Spirit of Prophecy.

Theme Song

Kiswahili: Mfalme Yu Mlangoni
English: The Coming King
Ekegusii: Yeso Ochire Naende
and to be sang in many other languages.  



It is important to state from the onset that we are Seventh Day Adventists and we believe in the
Mission of the Church as per the Biblical teaching and the various Policies of the Church.

We are not in competition with the Central Kenya Conference. We have established ourselves as
an administrative unit in the world church involved in the mission work just like other conferences.

We do not consider our pastors and other church leaders as enemies but fellow workers in God’s
vineyard. They have work to do to accomplish the mission God has given the church just as we have
chosen to commit our lives to the service of God.
We are all sinners who need our Saviour’s
cleansing grace. We will not judge anyone but concentrate and focus on the work we have decided
to undertake for the Lord. 


However, our only departure with the Central Kenya Conference, the Union and the Division is the
manner they handle administrative issues in the church. We have disagreed on the conduct of
previous elections for church leaders, we have disagreed on the handling of church finances and
properties, we have disagreed on the management of the unity of the church and the manner they
address church issues raised by the laity.
So as we establish NCC, let us continue praying without ceasing, always focused in the mission
which has brought us together. Let us start preaching and witnessing in this City and Kajiado where
there are many souls in need of salvation. So let us reach out to them.

Our Contacts


Maendeleo House, 2nd Floor | P.O. Box 56645, Nairobi 00200


Tel: 0797-097097, 0703-426863, 0722-527968, 0733-228055



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