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The Resolve of NCC Members

These unfortunate and unchristian conduct on the part of the church leadership which are aimed at
balkanizing Central Kenya Conference (CKC) and creating of new stations as voting machines while
denying Nairobi the chance to similar treatment, has led to the creation of this new conference.
The establishment of NCC will not affect the Adventist mission and message to the world, but rather
it will enhance effectiveness and efficiency in mission.


Basic Facts:

Registration - NCC was registered on March 15th, 2019
Offices - Currently operating from temporary offices located on 2nd Floor of Maendeleo House,
Loita Street, Nairobi
Leadership – The Nairobi Cosmopolitan Conference is currently run by three Directors who are
supported by a Caretaker Committee comprising of 25 persons drawn from churches in Nairobi
and Kajiado stations. These leaders are holding office on interim basis until a formal election is
conducted by the members of the conference within six months.


The Caretaker Committee has already created eight sub-committees which are working to establish
the New Conference.
The sub-committees are:
1. Administration
2. Communication, ICT & PR
3. Constitution
4. Evangelism & Spiritual Nurture
5. Finance & Planning
6. Human Resource
7. Membership, Recruitment & Retention
8. Strategic Plan



Mandate of the Caretaker Committee - The 28-person Caretaker Committee is mandated
to put all structures of NCC in place and prepare for elections of the Conference officials
within six months.
Telephone Numbers - NCC has already acquired two official telephone numbers 0797-097097,
0703-426863 as well as an email A website is being
developed and will be operational shortly.
Whatsapp Group - A Whatsapp Group known as NCC One has also been created where all NCC
members are being listed. Membership is growing very fast and a more suitable platform is
therefore required urgently which can accommodate unlimited number of members.
NCC Membership - The membership of NCC will be both individual and corporate (churches).
There will be no geographical limitations. Members and churches will be free to be members of

NCC Bank Accounts - NCC has opened three bank accounts at KCB, University Way branch,
NCC Trust Funds Account - A/c 1254977066
NCC Conference Budget - A/c 1254979182
NCC General Expenses - A/c 1254979468


A friendly and transparent payment system is being developed and will be operational by the
time of official launch coming shortly. For now, direct banking or using KCB paybill No. 522522
will be used to deposit money in any of the three accounts as appropriate.
Account Names and Purpose
Trust Funds – All trust funds will be banked in this account.
Conference Budget – All offerings will be banked in this account.
General Expense – All funds meant for special mission projects will be banked in this account.
NCC Envelopes & Receipt Books - NCC envelopes have been produced together with Receipt
books to enable the Conference issue receipts for all monies paid until the new system for receiving
and acknowledging payment is put in place. Emphasis is that NCC must be accountable and
transparent in all its transactions and must be seen to be different from the current management
of church properties and finances.
Authority to use NCC Funds - Authority to use Conference funds currently rests with the 28
member Caretaker Committee.

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